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Our R&D Teams work on continuously simplifying integrations with many business systems for improved efficiency.

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In today’s modern information technology, the main limitation of any system is the number of other systems it communicates with. Your organization deserves a simplified operation for your systems to communicate with each other and provide better customer experience.


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Ready Made Integration
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Automation Platform

Coding knowledge is no longer necessary to build an integration that fully automates your business flows. Voicenter enables you to use low-code no-code platforms to create your integration. It allows you to choose between our Connector.Center automation solution or configurable web-hooks to your system directly from our portal.

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Webservice API

Use your team's favorite programming language while implementing our different sets of SDKs. We help you solve your needs in a mere few lines of code.

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Tailormade Integration Solutions

Our integration team can build any business flow to your system. Take advantage of our vast experience-leading development projects and working methodology to ensure a successful integration between the systems.

Our best seller integration features

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Popup Screen

Improve your customer service. Pop up a screen with the caller’s contact details from your CRM before your agent answers the call.

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Calls BI Integration

Store all of your business telephony information while managing them any time directly from your database or your organizational CRM system.

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Click to Call

Enable direct calls with one click from any web page.

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Auto Dialer

Automate telephony interactions by client, campaign, and other business agendas - by pushing data from your CRM and get the results back when done.

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User Status

Improve agents availability by logging him in or out by the call center application needs, such as putting agent back in queue when the ticket is resolved in the system.

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Dashboard API

Provides a backend web service To allow requesting more than 100+ widgets, tables and other data structures to implement and display in real time on your favorite business app.

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Use real-time API to improve business performance in real time. All Callers, Agents, Queues or Campaigns events are delivered to any business app in real time.

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Manage your own Do-Not-Call List, ensuring regulations and legal requirements are met and save sales time and effort.

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IM Channels Integration

Send clients text messages with a link to the web portal or any IM (WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) service channel.

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External IVR

Extend the functionality of your IVR and implement call routing based on the information in your organizational database or CRM systems to perform advanced routing of incoming calls.

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Pause Record

Start or Stop call recording automatically or by the agent. Avoid recording sensitive data like credit cards or any other PIIs, to meet the PCI & GDPR standard requirements.

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Call Tracking

Connect your web analytics and website visitor information to your incoming call data. Track and mark phone calls conversions in your web analytics platform just like any other e-commerce conversion.

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