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Cloud Communications Platform Features

Representatives who use Voicenter services enjoy simple and efficient workflows

Holistic Contact Center Solution For Call Centers

Voicenter's virtual call center uses our own advanced technology. It's quick and simple to install, helping you run your business more efficiently.

Cloud Contact Center

• Advanced Queue

• CallBack

• Auto Dialer

• Integration to CRM\ERP

• Real-Time & Monitor

• Reports

An employee smiles as she manages to be more productive with Voicenter's cloud switchboard services

Providing You With Telco Grade Phone Services

Boost your office productivity with our phone services. Make calls anywhere, stay in touch, direct your incoming calls as needed, and set up your phone system on your own.

Business Phone Services

• Call Recording

• Flexible IVR

• Virtual Fax

• International Conference

• Calls Encryption

• International Numbers

An employee who is out of the office and connected to an organization with Voicenter's cloud cellular service

It Is Never Been So Easy To Connect The Outdoor To Your Business

We provide a way to link your mobile workforce with your cloud communication solution. Our platform lets any SIM user connect to our cloud-based phone services.

Unlimited Mobile

• Call Recording

• Monitor & Real-time

• Reports

• CRM integration

• Advance IVR


Integration Makes Perfection

Voicenter Cloud can link with other systems. This way, we provide a comprehensive solution for your business. Also, enhancing work processes and improving time and resource management.

Integration with ZOHO
Integration with Salesforce
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Integration with Zendesk
Integration with SAP
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Cloud Telephony API



Direct dialing from your PC or CRM - A simple integration which minimizes users dialing time, prevents typing errors and smooths your business flow.

Pop up screen

Pop-Up Screen

Equip your users for every call with your clients CRM info. Even before they pick up the phone, all the data they need to make relevant and personal client interactions.

CDR notification

CDR Notification

Make sure every call is documented into your CRM’s. We will send you Call info and call recordings straight to your clients page. Making QC process easy for you and your users.

Predictive dialer

Predictive Dialer

Upgrade marketing campaigns to stand out and shorten your ROI. Automate your outgoing calls activity and be sure to reach every client in the most effective way.

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Cloud Communication Solutions

Innovative cloud based telephony solutions for a wide range of business operations

By Industry:

• Telco Operators

• Insurance

• Health

• Banking & Finance

• IT

And More...

By Business Type:


• Enterprize

• Corporate

• Government

• Nonprofits

By Call Center Type:

• Sales & Telemarketing

• Support

• Customer Service

• Administrative

• Work from home

Innovative User Experience

Take a look at our user friendly interfaces for managing Business phone systems and Contact Centers

Cpanel Interface

Voicenter Softphone


IVR Managment

Real-Time & Monitoring

Сall History

Agent Toolbar

Our Customers Will Convince You Made The Right Choice

GETT recommends why you should choose Voicenter

Liat Port

Customer Expeirence Manager | Gett

So why choose Voicenter? In light of three main reasons: innovation, the ability to execute immediately, professionalism!

My name is Liat and I run the service at Gett. A few months ago, I was looking for a new telephony system in light of disappointment with the existing one. I was thinking of a flexible system that would provide a solution for a dynamic company that is growing at a high rate and the service is its center. One that will improve availability and efficiency metrics thanks to effective management tools. As part of locating the appropriate supplier, I met Voicenter. I would love to share with you the experience of working with such a company. The first time I worked with a supplier with such a positive attitude, there was no idea that I raised and was not accepted, always for every inquiry I received an answer "no problem we can do it". Thanks to the system, we were able to build a waiting time management mechanism that improved the performance of the service by 30% and improved the shift manager's work significantly, so much so that today the manager of the administrative shift is not required at all to deal with the management of the system and the mechanism works independently and optimally. So why choose Voicenter? In light of three main reasons: innovation, the ability to execute immediately, professionalism!

Hakaveret recommends why you should choose Voicenter

Haim Kaduri

Founder & CEO | Hakaveret

The whole company from the CEO to the last of the employees is dedicated to the result, which is a success!!!

My name is Haim Kaduri and I own two companies with dozens of employees. Hakaveret has remorseed its flag for uncompromising excellence and therefore we examine our collaborations carefully. Hakaveret CRM tested many systems and finally decided to represent only one provider in the field of telephony and this is Voicenter. We receive many inquiries from telephony companies for their implementation in the Hakaveret system as well as from our customers who work with different systems. So far, we've only stuck to Voicenter for many reasons that have been tested in many ways. We make extensive use of telephony which is the most significant lifeline for our businesses. Voicenter is first and foremost a leader in service: the people are pleasant and providing proffesional assistance. The whole company from the CEO to the last of the employees is dedicated to the result, which is a success!!! The interface is convenient and contains all the needs of a company and even more, the calls are stable, the audio is excellent and the ability to analyze the data exceeds any imagination. Of course, the cost in relation to the benefit is extremely attractive. The company is senior in the market, indicating longstanding stability. We would love to recommend Voicenter to anyone, proud to have partners like them on the road.

WINWIN recommends why you should choose Voicenter

Oshra Levi

VP Marketing & Sales | WINWIN

Excellent support, excellent service and thanks to their system efficiency our sales have improved by 15% in the last year.

We have worked with several telecommunications companies and have always had difficulties with the system settings, especially at the point where every conversation is important and needs to go elsewhere. A year ago we found Voicenter and everything became simple – we manage everything independently: messages, routes, recordings and quality control. Voicenter are an excellent partner, if something bothers you – talk to them, they never told me "you can't", every time I floated a problem - I got a response. Excellent support, excellent service and thanks to their system efficiency our sales have improved by 15% in the last year. Most importantly – Voicenter freed me from having to take care of the PBX, I will recommend them with a mouthful of all who ask.

Kali Group recommends why you should choose Voicenter

Amir Harush

CTO | Kali Group

The solution tailored for us provided an optimal solution to our needs.

After examining a number of telephony systems that operate on a cloud platform, we chose voicenter's product. The solution tailored for us provided an optimal solution to our needs. Voicenter's system is wide and very flexible. Thanks to the system we provide better service to our customers. The general feeling is that Voicenter is no longer a cloud communications provider but a company that understands business logic and adapts the solution precisely to the needs efficiently and professionally.

משרד ראש הממשלה
Kali Group
גור סוכנות לביטוח
Active Trail

About Us

Voicenter is an innovative international tech-telephony company, developing a wide variety of communication platforms. Thanks to the fact that we have a rich research and development center of more than 30 developers in Israel and Europe, we are developing a wide range of communication platforms in secure technologies in the cloud. Our advanced cloud telephony services are tailored to the needs of organizations of any magnitude and are already used by over 50,000 users worldwide.

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