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API Toolkits
A CRM system is the leading solution for customer relationship management, and in combination with the cloud telephony system, it mainly serves call centers and telemarketing for managing multi-channel campaigns with customers.
Voicenter offers a set of API tools using innovative and advanced technology of web-based telephony services. This architecture enables the ability to connect to any CRM / ERP system on the market and use a user-friendly browser interface.
The integration is intended for organizations of any size, including marketing, sales, service call centers and for survey institutes that conduct telephone surveys interested in a flexible CRM system that manages all the activities of the call center and the organization. Today, Voicenter's integration into the organizational information system operates in most centers in Israel as well as with leading customers who operate professional telemarketing centers.

You really don’t need an expert or a telecom programmer to implement a simple integration with your CRM/ERP systems. Guidelines for implementing the integration in our open source kits will help you connect all the lines to a single point and achieve a perfect communication solution for your organization's needs.

API Toolkits

Game changer API's

We've got you covered with ready-to-use open source codes, so you can truly connect all your lines, and gain a communication solution that's perfect for your company's needs.

click 2 call icon
Increase your outgoing calls dialing rates. Dial straight from your browser or Use the browser as a call generator for your clients.
pop up screen icon
Pop-Up Screen
Whenever your users are having interactions with your clients, your data can be presented to them before any interaction to provide exquisite customer service.
cdr notification icon
CDR Notification
Store your call data for each client separately in order to make necessary analysis with your information system. Making it easy to evaluate and improve clients engagement.
external layer icon
External Layer
Skillfully navigate your inbound callers according to your own business logic. Providing customised and personal service for each caller.
call log icon
Call Log
Pulling all the call data directly to the information system allows you to evaluate, improve and analyze all calls combined with your information system.
blacklist icon
Upload the list of leads you don't want to call in order to mitigate unsuccessful calls to these clients and focus your workflow to the relevant leads within your system.
mute call recording icon
Mute Call Recording
Security matters. Enable the option to stop recording so you will not store sensitive client data in your system. Make sure you are regulation compatible and still enjoy the functionality of our platform.
extension list icon
Organizational Extension List
Export your organisation active extension list, and allocation of user names and internal speed dialling numbers. Have access to your current organisational users positions and hierarchy.
real time monitoring icon
Provides real-time statistics on all call interactions that take place in the organization. Give managers in your organization an overview of what's happening so they can make informed KPI decisions on the go.
dialer icon
Productive Dialer
Automate your outgoing calls performance. Upload clients data automatically and save precious time on calling unreachable destinations.
login or logout icon
Auto log in or out your users, for time reports and rep's status during a shift. You can implement this feature in your information system so your users will make time reporting count. Enable our reports to confirm your workforce performance.
did tracker api icon
Lead Tracker
Precise integration for measuring leads of marketing campaigns and lead conversions that started the process online and completed it offline.
active calls api icon
Active Calls
Get live pictures of your concurrent calls. Control your workforce effectively and analyze where you need to improve or assist in order to provide high level of customer relations.
request your own api icon
Request your own API
Whatever the automation process you need, we can develop it. We truly believe that helping our customers to exploit our system better, makes us better.

Cosmic Productivity

When different systems are synced, you don't need to wait or waste any time. Upgraded toolset will allow your users to perform better.

Great Sales

Integrating the organization's information systems with cloud telephony enables full control over the rate at which salespeople make calls and improves revenue.

Premium Service

Everything your users need in one place will bring to your clients to enjoy seamlessly top notch customer service levels and Improved client engagement.

Quick Response

real-time information enables comprehensive reporting and analysis using the CRM system builtin tools and improves the responsiveness of managers and employees.
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