Click To Call Service

Make calls directly from your computer, anywhere, with just the click of a button!
Turn your current work interfaces into a powerful communication tool
Our Click2Call allows you to call any number in your web browser, CRM or even through your website or landing pages with just one click. This simple and useful feature really speeds up the daily routine and saves valuable time for users while avoiding dialing mistakes and improving the user experience.
Turn your current work interfaces into a powerful communication tool

Click To Call Solution Common Use

Deliver Exceptional Service To Customers

Every organization with a website has a contact page, where users can leave their contact information and someone on behalf of the organization will call them back. Finally... Improve your conversion rate to positive close of leads coming through your website by implementing this quick and easy integration. Turn every detail left on a webpage or landing page into an incoming phone call to your sales reps.
Once the potential customer submit their contact information on the site, an automated request is sent to our cloud from any web page, containing the leading phone number - our system will initiate an instant call to them and connect them to your sales representatives. How amazing is that? Surprise the customer with a personal, immediate response will ensure a higher conversion rate, even before he decides to continue searching with your competitors.
 Deliver exceptional service to customers

Improve User Productivity And Efficiency

Let's face it, most of our daily tasks are done in front of a computer screen. Why distract users with desk phones or waste time dialing through extensions installed on a computer, when the same function can be done with the click of a mouse? Improve your users experience and save time (which adds up to a lot by the end of the day) and errors, so you can actually focus on their tasks instead of tapping buttons. Use caller ID capabilities and automate call processes with easy integration that integrates Click2Call with the information system.
Improve user productivity and efficiency

Forget Your Desktop Phone

Today, more than ever, office location is dynamic and can change at any given moment. It can be in the offices of the organization, in the employee's house or even in a café. However, the goal is the same, for your users to communicate with customers. Of course, you'd rather they do it from your corporate phone system to track their performance, record the call, and archive its recording.
Our cloud-based technology and Click2Call feature allows anyone connected to the internet to make these calls easily. With your CRM, you can initiate a call to the user and connect him to the customer instantly - whether he is connected by an IP phone, our Softphone or his cell phone. This means that all your users are accessible from wherever they choose to work while maintaining the important call recording features, local caller ID, and localized gift music playback at the destination or by the brand.
Forget your desktop phone

How Does Click 2 Call Service Works?

Fast and simple Click2Call allows users to initiate a phone call to any number - with the click of a button.
The Click To Call service is used by using one (or more) of the following options:
1. Voicenter Chrome browser extension - direct dialing to any number displayed in Chrome browser - we've already done the work for you so that no development is required from your side in order to enjoy the ability to dial with a click using any CRM or browser-based business application.
2. CRM integration - Easily integrate our Click2Call API into your CRM and allow calls to be taken directly from your users' workspace.
3. Callback for landing page - Activate the Click2Call feature on the 'Contact Us' page of the website or on a landing page and automatically create a callback to any inquiry or customer who has left details, as soon as they click on the 'Apply/Submit' button.

Description Of The Flowchart Of The Click2call Feature:

After clicking on a Click2Call call, an API request is sent to our servers, we collect the requested dialing information and perform additional checks before dialing the target. Our servers review the request and verify which user or group of users should receive this call and which ones are available to make the call. After locating an available user, the call will be transferred to him automatically, displayed on his computerized extension (Softphone), IP phone or even on his cell phone. After the user approves the request, the call will be sent to its intended client.
An example of sending a call to Voicenter servers: aspx phone=057XXXXXXX&target=03XXXXXXX&code=XXXXXXXXXXX&action=call
You are always welcome to click here and explore all the API capabilities in a document we wrote especially for you and learn how you can automate business outputs.

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