Softphone App By Voicenter

Maximum functionality and compatibility for all types of telephone activities in one softphone app.
Working in the call center in an efficient and advanced way
So it's no wonder that the representatives are addicted to the Voicenter softphone
An efficient and high-quality telephone service experience and connecting your customers to the call center representatives requires tools that will make the representatives smile and the customers will already feel it in the conversation. Therefore, we have invested a lot of thought and effort, in order to create the perfect product that will meet the needs of all our customers and the needs of the communications market in general. Unlike an IP phone that remains static in terms of functionality, Voicenter Softphone is constantly updated against changing market demands so you're always left with the most up-to-date working tool available.
Working in the call center in an efficient and advanced way

VoIP Softphone Features Common Use

Connect Employees From Anywhere

The new world of work has brought small and large businesses to adapt to a work-from-home configuration. Softphone has become a primary tool that allows agents to report availability status to the call center manager at the touch of a button at any given moment and from anywhere. In addition, the monitor screen that reflects to the representatives the status of the queues they are connected to and the team statistics appears on the softphone, keeping them competitive and connected as if they were sitting in the contact center.
Connect employees to your business from anywhere

Saves Space On The Desktop

A keyboard, mouse, screen, IP phone and more this is what you'll find in a representative table that shrinks over time. Using a softphone requires a headset that connects to a computer only, which reduces the space occupied by an IP phone and causes a feeling of ease in the position. And guess what? When your agents feel relaxed, customers hear it.
Save space on your agent's desktop

Easy Connection with SSO

Installing the softphone on your computer is done in just a few clicks. All you have to do is download the software and log in to the relevant extension with a unique username and password or by connecting with SSO. This means that users do not need to remember a large number of passwords, only their credential to Google, Microsoft, Okta, and more.
Easy connection using SSO

Softphone Software Telephony Features

All the telephony features you are familiar with are concentrated in the computerized softphone extension and also include features such as:
  • Managing attendance status: entry, exit, lunch break, administrative break and more.
  • Dynamic conversation characteristics: mute, standby (Hold), Do Not Disturb (DND), Call merge, call forwarding (with/without consultation).
  • Identifying the caller's name and the phone number from which the call is coming.
  • Conference call for up to 4 participants. Call history up to 500 records.
  • Display statistics to the delegate.
  • Regular updates and upgrades to the Softphone extension (as opposed to using an IP phone, which is not updated at all).

Technical And System Requirements

  • Support for SIP protocol according to SIP 3261 standard
  • SRTP Media Security
  • Voice coding support G.729, G.711 u-Law & a-Law
Minimum system requirements for installation:
Minimum requirements: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1 GHz or higher.
Recommended requirements: Intel i5 / i7 2.4 GHz or higher.      
Memory (RAM):
Minimum requirements: 4GB.
Recommended requirements: 8GB.
Storage: At least 150MB of free space on the hard disk.
OS:10 Windows 8.1 \ Windows (Net Framework 4.5 or higher must be installed).
Internet connection: Broadband (wired) connection.
Sound card: Full-duplex, 16-bit (USB headphones have a built-in sound card).
Headphones and microphone: Headset with PL or USB connection.

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