Call Queue Management Service

service that will do wonders for the response rates at the call center and customer satisfaction
A perfect tool for managing and distributing loads in a call center
Playing a marketing jingle while customer hold on line, position number in the queue for a response, routing the call according to the abilities of the agents or according to customer prioritization, and especially the ability to monitor the status of the contact center hold time at any given moment and return to those who abandoned before receiving a response. All of these features and high standards of service explain why call centers that receive frequent incoming calls can not afford not to use the advanced features of Voicenter's queue.
A perfect tool for managing and distributing loads in a call center

Call Center Queuing Common Use

Intuitive Interface

The management interface enables call center managers to efficiently and easily manage the shift and ensure that each and every customer receives the appropriate response in the shortest possible time. Connecting representatives and removing them from the queue with a click of a button or changing status automatically by customizing setting them according to the duration of a specific status allows the call center managers to be free to deal with other important tasks, while transferring queue issues to the call center queue management software.
Intuitive interface for shift management

Premium Customer Service

Every organization, wherever it is, prioritizes its customers and, accordingly, the service levels it has defined for each such segment. An advanced queue allows you to allocate more weight to premium customers compared to the other queues and thus the waiting time of the customers you care about will be shorter than usual. In addition, in order for all customers to benefit from a quick response, you can extened the amount of representatives as the waiting time in the queue got's longer.
Premium customer service

Real-Time Connection

Queues are monitored at the monitor in real-tume and give the call center manager an up-to-date picture of the number of people waiting, the answer percentage (and if they meet the service levels thay have defined - SLA), abandonment status, average waiting time. In this way, the call center manager can make decisions regarding the management of the shift in real time and make sure that customers who did not have the patience to wait for a response receive a call initiated automatically (connected to the automatic dialer) or manually according to the list from the reports as soon as the load on the call center decreases.
Real-time connection to the contact center performance

Let Customers Decide

Who among us has not encountered a situation in which we are exhausted by a never-ending waiting for a response from a representative. The queue allows your customers to exit to a callback service so that in the end they will not abandon the call in frustration. The Callback service makes it possible to automatically call back to the customer as soon as there are representatives available and put the call in a queue where the waiting time is zero, so the customers get the service they expect by helping you get back to them while the load at the call center decreases.
Let customers decide how long they want to wait

How Call Queuing System Works

Setting up a queue, managing representatives and edit are made directly from the Cpanel as follows:
In order to set up a queue, you must select "Add a queue" or click edit an existing queue.
Setting up a queue:
1. Choose a name for the queue (it is also recommended to add a short description).
2. Ringtone strategy in extensions
   2.1. Ring all extensions at the same time
   2.2. Ringing in the round
   2.3. The person who answered the longest time ago
   2.4. Those who received the least calls
   2.5. Random
   2.6. Ringing in a round with memory
3. When does the incoming call allows to get into the queue
   3.1. Only when there is a Login.  
   3.2. Incoming calls in any situation.
   3.3. Only when there is a vacant representative connected.
4. Whether to allow exit from the queue to Colbeck and whether to enable automatic callback for abandoned calls.
5. How much administrative time between calls you want to give agents between calls for record.
Skill setting: From the definition of queues you can define the skills of the representatives in the queue, all you have to do is add a new rule in which you define after a few seconds the expansion of the search in the queue will be expanded to a certain skill level (for example, after 60 seconds from skill 50 to 60 and another definition after 120 seconds from skill 60 to 90). Then all you have to do is set the skill for each representative.
Setting queue weights: If the same representatives are in several different queues and you want to prioritize the incoming calls for a particular queue, all you have to do is give the desired queue the higher weight.

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