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Hassle-free automated and fast search-by-caller-ID, that pops up the right page on every call just when you most need it.
What’s a Pop-Up Screen?
Incoming or Automatically generated: Agents know more about the caller as soon as they need it, helping them achieve their goals and enjoy a smooth business process.

In a nutshell? A Pop-Up screen can be narrowed down to utilizing your CRM with the ability to offer immediate insights to your workers in the beginning of each call. This helps them shorten call duration, improve customer experience as well as their own and to drive your business to optimal results.   


Collect data including contact call history, recent activities, and all other business intelligence into your CRM or ERP, and show it to your employees on the screen - even before they answer the call. This way you ensure that your team knows both who’s on the other side of the line and probably also why.


In addition, the first time call interaction with the client can generate new tickets in your CRM or other business process automation software. In simpler words, we empower your team to create new leads or support tasks directly from their first call.


We are using our cloud to pull the data from your information systems, making sure that the Pop Up Screen works across all of your devices including business phones, smartphones, and essentially any device with internet connection that can make or receive calls.

Agents know more about the caller as soon as they need it

Call Pop Common Use Cases

Delight Your Customers

Both shorten your support team’s time on calls and greet your callers with professionally tailored and highly personalized messages thanks to the ace up your sleeve - the Pop Up screen with all the data you have on the caller and their previous activities. This level of service and dedication will definitely leave a mark nurturing one-time customers into loyal advocates of your brand.

Delight your customers with exceptional service

Help Your Team

The only way to over perform is when you have the right tools for the job. The combination of Voicenter’s Pop Up Screen, Click2Call, and Call Detail Record functionality will give your business the technology that was previously reserved for behemoth players from the world of enterprises. Today, our cloud-based phone service makes our technology affordable for all. 

Help your team over deliver their KPIs

Combine Pop Up With Auto Dialer For Big Campaigns

Voicenter’s pop Up Screen and Chrome extension work exceptionally well with the auto dialer feature allowing your team to set up automated campaigns using numbers from any source of your choice. 


Why waste time and confidence looking for crucial information in a hurry? Your workers will get the benefit of knowing their contacts as well as all related business information including a brief history associated with the lead before making the call. This makes every call so much more personalized without wasting anyone’s time. In addition to that, the calls are started by the agents so you’ll never force your leads into waiting on hold.

Combine the Pop Up Screen with Auto Dialer

How To Integrate Call Pop Up Into Your Business Workflow

Generally speaking, all of Voicenter’s features are highly customizable and you can integrate them into your system within a single business day. Still, here are some of the default option available out of the box:

  • JavaScript code that you can simply copy and paste into your website or CMS
  • A Chrome extension you always runs in the background of your browser and get notified even the window is closed
  • Desktop application that runs on Windows via a simple command
  • As a server-to-server application

VoIP Magic?

Imagine your employees being able to know your callers by name, understanding their background, and the reasons why they are calling right now? How much faster would your sales team convert leads or support team close tickets? Yet, you can’t employ mind readers.


Or can you?


Well, no... But our Pop Up Screen feature comes in a close second. 

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