Call Center Call Monitoring In Real Time

Maximum control and an up-to-date picture of the organization's telephony activity, at any time and from anywhere in the world
As of today, managing the call center's activities is simpler and more accurate than ever before!
Customized visual monitoring and control tools that display in real time the activity of the agents and the statistics of the incoming calls to the call center from the beginning of the shift.

At a telemarketing call center where the main activity is inbound calls or at a support call center with incoming calls, the communication system must be an integral part ot the management tools. The Monitor interface manages intelligent communication processes that help you rate priorities, improve efficiency and provide an exceptional service experience.

Call monitoring software in a friendly visual display gives you an overview of representatives performance, abandonment rates, and number of pending calls. It is allowing you to translate the information into applied actions that support achieving goals and outputs, while balancing availability and real-time telephone response.


The call center's activity is carried out in a simple and accurate manner

Call Center Tracking Common Use

Make Informed Decisions In Real Time

Making informed decisions on the go by all levels of the management team requires a smart communication system that knows how to provide the full picture in real time. In this way, it is possible to correct or change in zero response time and prevent unnecessary waste of resources and provide an appropriate response to situations that require the involvement of decision makers.
Make informed decisions in real time

Competitiveness To Achieve Contact Center Goals

Many studies show that when employees are shared with the workloads on the call center and the personal data for the entire call center, the call center representatives are harnessed to meet the goals and are in constant competition with their teammates. Therefore, in many call centers, it is customary to display the data in real time on monitors that are exposed to all the representatives, thus significantly increasing the employment time and are fully controlled by what is happening at the call center.
Competitiveness to achieve contact center goals

Improving Contact Center Qualities

Maximum availability and the provision of an agile and efficient response, these are the main tasks on the basis of which the qualities of the call center are measured. During the shift, when the general call center data and that of each individual representative is placed in front of him, the call center manager can anticipate loads in advance and route the personnel according to expectations, assisting representatives who are in a conversation that lasts above average or individually handling representatives who exceed the set break times.
Improving contact center qualities

Real-Time Data Dashboard


• Real-time display of the extensions
• Real-time display of calls for each extension, including:

  » The duration of the call
  » The source of the call
  » Type of call: inbound or outbound
  » Indicating whether call is successful/ unsuccessful according to organizational index

• Real-time display of the performance of representatives from the beginning of the shift, including:

  » Number of inbound calls
  » Number of outbound calls
  » Total number of calls since the beginning of the shift

• Real-time display of queues – monitor, clocks, charts and more

Telephony BI, Dynamic Data And Reports According To Call Center

• Number of minutes to number of calls ratio for each representative
• Real-time data and reports from queues
• Percentage and amount of successful calls according to organizational indices
• Comparison of overall performance among representatives and departments
• Full queue abandonment data
• Telephone-based time clock reporting sheet
• Average number of calls to customer according to product/ department /type of customer
• Average duration of call to customer according to product/ department/ type of customer
• Telephone system data according to different sections the year
• Call center tracking leads according to phone numbers
• And more

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