Call Logs (CDR) - Store your calls

Receive your call data from our cloud and analyze and control your business phone data
Access the most powerful tool a business can have - Call data!

Maximize the efficiency of your business by analyzing key data points from your database call logs. This approach allows you to optimize your customer service, users capabilities and improve your campaigns on the fly.

The CDR call log System is a unique tool that lets you store all of your business telephony information, such as call detail records (CDR), and access it at any time directly from your databases.

Access the most powerful tool a business can have - Call data!

Feature Common use cases

Make smart data driven decisions

While clients and users may have 2 sides of a coin in terms of an inquiry, you don't want to be stuck in the middle. Make your Quality Compliance accessible and reliable. Use our call log API.


Make educated decisions regarding Customer service inquiry or even a Sales pitch. After you listen to the call and see its statistics, you will know how you can improve yourself or your users' performance. You may even customize the data you receive from us via your CRM or database,  so you get the whole picture, always.

 Make smart data driven decisions

Powerful insights of your teams calls will improve them better

Each manager or user can listen to the call records, see their duration, and type. 

After examining the call itself, you can understand who needs more practice and who is your stronghold. It's even a tool for motivation and making KPI`s as a standard practice. 


We assure you once you listen to your users' calls, you will know where they can be better and where they need to keep up the good work.

 Powerful insights of your teams calls will improve them better

Your telephony data is part of your organization’s BI (Business information)

Having access to data is one thing. Having the ability to analyze a combination of accessible datas in one place, Now that’s a totally different level of efficiency. 

Analyze call data, including abandoned calls, user performance, incoming calls ratio to acquire a great overall picture.

Create your own dashboards and Pivot tables which will emphasize and help you reduce resources while improving performance. Data is power, and it is in your hands.

Your telephony data is part of your organization’s BI (Business information)

How does it work?

You may choose which type of call data you want to receive and we will make sure all your calls will be delivered to you and their details.


This API allows you to run a specific query for call record details made by a specific user. Our Cloud will send you HTTP XML-RPC requests that contain detailed information about every call. 

You may receive our data via the following methods:


  1. PULL 
    1. GET
    2. POST
    3. Json query
  2. PUSH
    1. JSON
    2. POST
    3. XML
    4. Custom actions
  3. CSV

An overview of the process flow

CDR2CRM Logs diagram

External CDR description

The 3 step process you need to establish this integration.

  1. Add your URL so we may send the data to your specified location.
  2. Choose which call records you wish to receive
  3. Select how you want to receive the data.
  4. Retry data sending settings


External CDR log description


In order for us to make sure every data is sent correctly, we log this activity, then you will locate if any data is missing from your databases. You can debug your request in real time and get the responses straight away without wasting the time of your integrators.

Our CDR calls include the following parameters:


  1. Date - When the call was dialed to or from.
  2. Type - Which type of call was initiated.
  3. DID - What number was dialed by the client
  4. CallerNumber - Which number the user dialed.
  5. CallerExtension - Who made the call.
  6. TargetNumber - Where did the user dial.
  7. Duration - what was the duration of the call.
  8. RecordURL - Link for the record of the call.
  9. RepresentativeName - Which user made the call.


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