Call Barging, BLF, Whisper Service For Call Centers

Achieve meaningful quality control and impeccable customer service
Improve your Business added value through better customer experience, higher efficiency and professional service!
Ensure your managers are monitoring customer service quality and the professional level of your agents.

We offer you the perfect functionality to keep all of your employees as efficient and goal-oriented as possible. Not just on paper, but through actual practice and live call experience. Don’t worry though, none of the training activities will affect your clients experience thanks to the presence of either a manager or a seasoned veteran employee on a practice call.

Call eavesdropping BLF whisper & barge services

Call Whispering Feature Common Use

Maintaining Perfection

Whenever your users are starting to engage with your clients, it's always exciting on one hand and on the other it may be stressful. You always strive to preserve a high level of customer service you expect from your users to provide.

Our call monitoring helps your users to perfect their skills without any significant risks. A manager can always help and whisper the right thing to say, be it a live call or a planned practice conference session between newbies and their supervisor.

The pickup feature will allow you to increase your inbound answering rate. Your users can remotely pick up calls which end up ringing an empty seat.

These capabilities ensure that your manager controls in real time the service level your business provides to your customers.

Maintaining perfection

Emergency Scenarios

Whenever an emergency occurs and your users are on the line with your clients, you may have the power to enter the call remotely and update your users.

While your new users may forget some crucial details or use the tools they acquired, You or your managers can save a lost deal or even retain a disappointed client.

Our barge-in feature allows you to quickly join a conversation with essential info that’s needed right here and now.

Emergency scenarios

Real Time Indicators Of Which User Is Free Or On A Call

Instead of wasting time trying to reach your users while they are on a phone call or looking into your organization's monitor screens, just take a look at your BLF IP-Phone indicators and see immediately who is on a call and who is available for you.
You can enable this function to your whole organization. By doing so, you increase efficiency and your business workflow. We are sure your users and especially your secretary will thank you for it.

Real time indicators of which user is free or on a call

How Does Call Monitoring Works?

Our call monitoring feature allows you to fully engage with your users on any call you choose in order to maintain a high level of customer service and increase your users professionalism.


Users permissions allows you to set up which users have the ability to use call monitoring and managers which you want to be blocked from being monitored.

In addition we allow our users to decide which capabilities exactly will be enabled for each user in an intuitive control table.


Whenever you choose to activate your call monitoring ability on a call, our system will check what feature you chose and which user to connect you to. It's super easy and intuitive to press the code of the call monitoring feature and the extension number you wish. Start your mentoring session from your desk and personal phone extension, there is no need to approach users or set up a special working station for it.



1. A user is set in advance to be called monitored.

2. The user is on a call with a client.

3. The manager configured permissions to call monitor users.

4. The manager types in a simple 3 digit number together with the desired users extension via his phone or softphone.

5. The manager is interconnected to the desired user.


  • Eavesdropping: Offer your managers the flexibility to listen in on calls without the awareness of one or all parties. This is an excellent way of knowing what your team is doing right and where they still need a bit of practice.
  • Whisper: Whisper works similarly to eavesdropping but the manager can talk to the user without the client hearing a word. This is an excellent way to train new employees, guide them through the first working days, and offer tips as well as valuable insights when it comes to important negotiations.
  • Barge-in: Barge-in allows users or managers to literally barge into a call making it into a conference. This functionality is downright lifesaving in emergency situations when the client is about to lose it.
  • Pickup: Enable users to collect a call which is trying to reach an empty seat and don't lose a client ever again.
  • BLF: This is an excellent teamwork and synergy booster that allows your whole office to know who’s currently busy talking and who is free for a call.

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