Agent Toolbar

Efficient management and operation of the telephony system using effective tools
Managing the contact center easily and efficiently from anywhere
Daily work using the agent toolbar allows all levels to conduct themselves in full transparency in front of the monitor screen, and maximize the effectiveness of real-time data synchronization.
The challenge of managing representatives has become more complex due to the fact that today the contact center environment also incorporates the home. The call center manager is required to make real-time decisions based on the availability of the personnel at his disposal even if the representatives are remote. For this purpose, Voicenter's representative bar solution allows, on the one hand, to simplify the connection to the system from anywhere, and on the other hand, gives the call center manager the ability to inspect and control. Voicenter's advanced representative toolbar allows you to concentrate the representative's activity in one simple and easy-to-operate place, thus providing fast and efficient service to the organization's customers. Voicenter is pleased to offer the ideal tool for managing and running representatives from anywhere with an interactive toolbar that allows interfacing with the organization's CRM system for simple and friendly management of the call center staff through a single system!
Managing the contact center easily and efficiently from anywhere

Feature Common use cases

Effective Resource Management

Every manager, wherever he is, must know the resources with which he can perform his work and reach the goals set for him. The main resource made available to the call center managers is the representatives. Using a freindly toolbar transfers all the information to a real-time interface and provides the call center manager with an up-to-date snapshot of the agents availability and outputs so that he has the ability to make decisions according to the call center loads at any given moment.
Effective resource management

A Unified And Efficient Work Environment

Many representatives complain about cumbersome work when they are required to run a large number of interfaces during the working day. Voicenter provides an advanced representative toolbar that combines telephony features and call center management tools. Easy integration with the organizational information system creates a unified and efficient work environment that enables the operation of several systems simultaneously from just one system.
A unified and efficient work environment

How Does It Work?

A unified work environment that provides an effective response to the agents activities and improves the customer experience. Connecting via SSO to the organization's core systems, dialing with a click directly from the computer, Pop Up a customer info out of the CRM in an incoming call, changing availability status and reflecting all efficiency metrics and real-time data to the call center manager. Representative or call center manager? Once you start using Voicenter's delegate toolbar, you won't understand how you managed to work without it.

What are the capabilities of the Agent Toolbar?

1. Full connection to a telephone extension via IP extension at a physical site and/or remote site.
2. Set up custom unavailability modes (custom breaks and "paperwork times").
3. Performing all communication activities (dialing, conference, transfer, dialer, etc.).
4. Real-time information about active conversation and waiting in queues.
5. Custom information at the representative level - efficiency metrics and aggregated real-time data.
6. Intergrating with the organization's core systems - popping up the CRM screen and displaying the customer's details in the SSO bar, for quick connection, corporate phone book.
7. Incoming and outgoing calls Logs, including direct dialing option.

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