Forward Voicemail To Email

Never miss a voice message from your clients, partners or team members, even if you are away from your phone. Use our Voicemail2Email service. We will send all incoming voice messages straight to you or your team's inbox
All your voice messages are always within your reach!

Voicenter's Voicemail to email service is here to make your life easier. Say goodbye to spending ages sifting through voicemails to figure out who called - just check your email! Our handy service lets you set up mailing lists and specific users to receive voice messages when they're out of office or just can't pick up. Think of it this way: your voicemails get transformed into digital copies and zoom straight to your desired destination - be it your laptop or smartphone. And, if you mistakenly erase an email or lose a message, no worries. We have a cloud backup so you can retrieve your messages anytime.

All your voice messages are always within your reach!

Voicemail To Email Feature Use Cases

Save Time

Ever looked at your voicemail box and wondered how many messages are actually important? Do you find that less than a third are worth the time you spent listening? Well, Voicenter is here to help you ditch the old routine of trawling through each message and endlessly hitting "delete". Now, you can just pop open your email to see who called and why, before you decide to spend your valuable time on another potential sales pitch.

Save precious time to focus on mission-critical tasks

Everything In 1 Place

In today's world, it's common for professionals to juggle multiple phone numbers or even devices. That's where our voicemail to email service steps in. Multiple numbers? No sweat. If a call slides into voicemail, you'll be notified in an email straight away. You'll have all the caller's info so you can ring back when and where you're ready. It's all about calling back on your own terms.

Manage voicemail from your mailbox

How does it work?

Every customer who leaves a voicemail in your system actually steps right into our Voicenter cloud. They'll hear the greeting you've chosen, and after the beep, they'll leave their message. This message is quickly turned into an MP3 file, which is sent through our record transfer system to your interface and our cloud. Meanwhile, our voicemail to email servers whip up an email for you or your designated group, packing in your customer's audio file, their phone number, and the time frame. In just a few minutes, you'll get a heads up whenever a customer has left you a voicemail, and you won't even need to be glued to your work station. And it doesn't matter why they wound up leaving a voicemail - perhaps your IVR was on after-hours mode, a certain extension wasn't available, or they dialed your mobile number. Regardless of the reason, rest assured that you won't miss out on their messages.

Voicemail To Email Configuration

The voicemail servers will perform the following checks before sending to make sure that you receive the voice message correctly and quickly.
How to send voicemail to email: 
1. Check the number from which the voicemail message was received.
2. Associate with your preset voicemail box.
3. Verifying the email addresses of the user or group of users set up for voicemail.
4. Send the voice message along with the caller's ID and name (where this feature is supported) directly to their email box.
Whenever you want to reconfigure voicemail or change an existing one, you can simply do it in 3 steps no more agonizing processes.
Voicemail box settings for email - Full control over all voicemail settings separately.
Email list - setting up email records to send. Select an email address or group of emails associated with each voicemail you've created.
Voice message history: All voice messages will be stored in your voice message history so you can watch, listen to, and share those messages the way you want. You can also see when the voice message was received and whether it was read by the user who received it to their P.O. box. This part of the admin interface helps you monitor and control all voice messages in your organization. If necessary, you can share or download the relevant content and forward it to the desired users.

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