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Enjoy an improved workflow with access to Fax services on any device, from anywhere!
Mail2Fax Transforms your corporate email to a digital fax machine
Gone are the days of buying fax machines, approving hefty budgets, and dealing with hardware upkeep. With our Mail2Fax service, you can easily set up your fax sender users, groups, domains, and rules for effortlessly sending, sharing, forwarding, and tagging your faxes.

Once your fax users or user groups are all set up, each one can send faxes directly from their emails in several document formats like PDF and TIFF. You won't have to stand by a fax machine, crossing your fingers, hoping it'll work. Additionally, you can forget about the hassle of storing faxes in folders and filing cabinets. All the faxes you send will be kept in your Fax history section, making them easy to retrieve when needed.

MAIL2FAX Transforms your corporate email to a digital fax machine

Mail To Fax Common Use Cases

Automate Your Business Process And Save Precious Time

Picture a world where your team's workflow goes smoothly with little to no interruptions. This ideal scenario is achievable with Voicenter managing and automating your fax interactions. Continue working on your document files, editing PDFs, or operating directly through your CRM. Sending out a fax is as easy as a single mouse click. It's truly that straightforward. And to top it all off, you'll receive a confirmation email verifying that the fax was sent successfully.

Automate your business process and save precious time

Forget About Maintenance Costs

Exhausted from wasting time and energy on maintaining that antiquated fax machine? Your IT team no longer has to fuss over supporting the fax machine, repairing it, or even checking for ink levels. Unlike traditional faxes, emails don't require ink or paper. Everyone can essentially have their own digital fax machine as long as they have an internet connection. They can send faxes from anywhere, even outside the office. How convenient is that!

Forget about maintenance costs

Turn Your Mailbox Into A Business Hub

Got an urgent message to send on the go? The power to send fax messages over email turns your inbox into a potent business tool you can access from any device, anywhere. Just hit 'send', and your recipient(s) will hear the familiar hum of a fax machine working its magic (unless they've switched to Voicenter, in which case they'll hear a pleasant 'ding'). They won't even realize that you sent it straight from your own email!


Turn your mailbox into a business hub!

How Does Mail2Fax Work

Our fax sender interface hands you the reins to tailor fax templates for each user or department to reflect their unique style. It allows users the freedom to utilize fax services anytime, anywhere.

Every sent fax is directed to our global fax SFTP servers, which dispatch the fax to your clients' fax lines. This means you don't need to worry about having landlines anymore, no matter where you are.

All faxes sent by users within your organization are securely stored in our fax history section. Here, you can easily view, share, download, resend, and do so much more. You can finally say goodbye to that grumpy old fax machine.

When a user tries to send an email to a fax machine from their inbox, our system verifies several parameters before the sending process is approved and completed:

1. Is the user an approved fax sender?
2. Is the user part of a fax senders group? If so, the same fax template will be applied. If not, the verification process continues.
3. What name will be assigned to the fax the user is sending?
4. What "digital fax machine name" will the user be using?
5. Which phone number will be displayed on the recipient's fax machine?
6. What language will be used for system messages for sent faxes displayed in the email?
7. Which fax template will be used?
8. How many retries and retry intervals will be set for this user?
9. Where will the confirmation message be sent?
All these checks are conducted within a few milliseconds, and voila, your email is on its way to the fax machine. It's as easy as that.

Fax History section

Our fax history section is where all your fax-related transactions come together. Just like handling phone interactions, you can filter both incoming and outgoing faxes by users, departments, fax status, dates, and more. You can interact with all that stored data in several ways. For instance, you can download, share, resend, view the fax log, and even open a support ticket if you encounter any issues. It's all conveniently located in one straightforward, user-friendly spot. In the end, using a fax system has never been simpler. It's all centralized and depends solely on you. It's simple, easy, and reliable.

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