Local DID  numbers with international coverage 

Choose the numbers you want your clients to see and use to get back to you
Provide Better And Personal Customer Experience

Assign your team members a variety of phone numbers to make sure they always stay local regardless of the call’s destination. Bottom line, it's a matter of making sure your clients feel comfortable and at ease when your business is closer to them.


Our call action builder ensures you will set up your dedicated behavior for each of your numbers. Above dozen of functions can be configured for each number so that your clients will be able to perform whatever they expect to happen once dialing your numbers. 


Provide better and personal customer experience once your users are closer to your clients.

DID Number Use Cases

How Does DID Phone Numbers Work?


Every number assigned to your account may be configured separately for outgoing calls and incoming calls. Configure your calls for users, departments and campaigns individually.

The ability to set up a number for each call interaction makes reports analysis easy, understandable and saves complicated analysis.

Matching numbers to your business presence  

With more than 70 countries to choose from, you can decide if your business uses a local geographical number (by city and state), national number (country wide) or toll free number to motivate your clients to call you back with no charge. You can purchase as many numbers as your business requires. 


Purchasing, Replacing or removing numbers 

Ordering or porting new numbers can be an exhausting procedure, usually lots of back and forth with any provider. We will make sure you can go back to your business day activities as fast as possible and do not forget any configuration behind. 


When you choose to purchase numbers or port your existing ones from our interface for your account, it is an easy 3 step process and you would not need to worry about a thing.


  1. Choose adding type - Order new number or port an existing one.
  2. Select country, state and area of numbers as requested.
  3. Select DID numbers and confirm order.


Once the numbers are assigned to your account, you will be able to configure them individually or by groups in our call actions section*. You can use them as inbound numbers only, caller ID only, Fax number, 2 way number, etc..

Removing numbers from your account can be done through our Did edit page. 3 clicks and the numbers are gone. But don't forget to order new ones to replace them. That's right. You already know how.


* Additional info regarding our Call action capabilities can be found in the links of our additional services below.

Inbound And Outbound Calls Number Set Up

Inbound calls number set up

Every incoming call is received by our closest POP servers which are located in more than 15 worldwide locations and transferred straight to our system servers which enable each number to enjoy our highly customizable IVR system capabilities.

Each business has its own business logic which can be set up in our interface. We do not limit your options and let you decide what's best for you. The system is built so anyone can configure inbound call actions with a few clicks in our call action edit section*.


Here are some of the commonly used call actions of incoming calls via our IVR system:


  1. Call a specific number. Simple call forwarding option.
  2. Call a specific user/extension.
  3. Call a specific department. You may also configure a multi ring for all the departments so the clients get fast response from your business.
  4. Enter the call to a menu so the client can choose which service of your business he requires.
  5. Insert the client to a queue of your customer service.
  6. Ask your client to leave his contact info and call him back with an auto dialer.
  7. Inform your client with self service information with the help of tutorial records.


It's important to notice that the all behaviors you set up for incoming calls can be separated from your outgoing calls activity. That way you decide for yourself what will be the outcome of each number you purchase and calls you make, for your business.


Additional info regarding our IVR and call action* capabilities can be found in the links of our additional services below.


Outbound calls number set up

Nowadays we notice a growing need for businesses to have control over each business operation, monitor your calls performance.

Each number assigned to your account can be configured for any of your multi purpose outgoing calls. Use the numbers for personal identification of each employee or configure the whole department with the same number for outgoing calls. Any number can be configured according to your calling destinations as well.


Numbers display process flow:

  1. Once a call is being dialed to any destination, our system checks the pre configured dial rules* for every dialed call. 
  2. First checkup will be to check which if the user is part of a dial by: Top account, department, user or extension.
  3. Second checkup will verify which destination dial rule types* were configured: Region, country, predix type or specific prefix. 
  4. A third checkup will determine which numbers are available for the system to display to the client accordingly.
  5. We will display the right number you chose for the specific destination and by whom the call was made. 
  6. The client will see the number you have chosen in advance according to his location and type of business call.


Once a call is being dialed from our system we will make sure it diales via our numerous termination providers in order to provide the best call quality and connectivity possible  to connect the end user to its client


Call flow designer

Each number you added to your account can be managed according to one of the following functionalities:

IVR - Incoming virtual routing.

Outbound - Configuration for caller ID only.

Pickup - Forward your call straight to an extension or a number.

Conference - Set up your virtual conference numbers.

Callback - Number for clients to leave info and calling them back via Auto dialer.

Voicemail - Number for clients to leave info and manage it via records and client phone number.

Paging - Configure a pager to send the caller info to.

Queue - Provide your callers the option to wait on line.

Queue pickup - Set a number to pick up a waiting call in a queue.

Call group - Call several users in one action.

Inbound fax - Setup the number for Fax2mail. 

Whisper - Setup a number to be able to whisper to an agent during a call.


*Additional info regarding our dial rules capabilities can be found in the links of our additional services below.

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