FAX2MAIL - Digitalize incoming fax

Enabling you to carry your own digital fax machine anywhere
Never miss your paperless faxes, from your clients, anywhere you go!

Voicenter guarantees that getting a fax is as quick and easy as checking your email. By allowing you to receive faxes directly in your email, it helps you respond faster and enhance your business communications with your clients.

Never miss your paperless faxes, from your clients, anywhere you go!

Fax2mail Common Use Cases

Simple And Effortless Digital Faxing

Getting a fax2mail message today can take your customer service to the next level. Make your team and colleagues' day by offering them the convenience of instant digital fax receipt. Every document your clients send can be accessed right from your email inbox, eliminating the hassle of tracking down a fax machine and papers to retrieve the same information. Moreover, your organization can save a considerable amount of time and resources. Most of your departments and branches can stop worrying about having a fax machine as part of their telecom setup, making things much more efficient.

Simple and effortless digital Faxing

Emprowering Collaboration And Accountability

A fax2mail service is more than just a handy tool. It provides a flexible work setup where every team member can access their own digital fax machine right from their email. You can create groups of recipients, so even if one of your colleagues is out of the office, you can count on the rest of the team to receive and handle the fax as soon as possible. This means there's no need to wait in line for your documents, and everyone benefits from a seamless flow of information.

Empowering collaboration and accountability

Global Presence

Typically, international companies need to buy landlines, numbers, and fax machines for every location to stay connected with their customers. Customers send faxes to each location's unique machine, and then local staff collect the documents and forward them to where they need to go. Voicenter changes all that. We offer a unified platform fax 2 mail software that takes care of all these tasks through our cloud service, sending all pertinent documents straight to your and your users' inboxes. You can assign your international DIDs to your digital fax and set up which teams and users will receive the documents related to their client interactions. This way, every piece of communication is directed to the right place without the hassle.

 Global presence as part of your customer service

How To Use Fax2mail

Every fax sent to your organization's numbers will be picked up by our global fax proxy servers, no matter where the fax sender is located. Once a fax lands in our system, we'll check which number it was sent to, identify the Fax box linked to that number, and then deliver the documents to the email addresses you've pre-set.

For your convenience, all your fax2mail interactions are stored in our fax history section. They're organized by departments, fax boxes, and users, so you can easily locate all related fax data in one easy-to-use interface. This gives you full control over your data as needed, and your client will experience a seamless process, receiving a digital fax confirmation reply from you.

Creating your international digital fax machine and starting to receive faxes from around the world is as easy as 1-2-3.

Here's how the fax box setup process works:

1. Set up your fax box name and machine and link it to an account.
2. Add recipients.
3. Select the appropriate language for users.
4. Assign the relevant numbers.
5. Confirm your settings.

The fax history section is where all your fax-related transactions converge. You can filter incoming and outgoing faxes by users, departments, fax status, dates, etc., just like you would with phone interactions.

You can also perform various actions with the stored data. For example, you can download, share, resend, view the log of the fax, and even open a support ticket if something goes awry. All of these features are located in one straightforward, user-friendly space.

In short, using a fax system has never been more convenient. It's now all in one place and fully within your control - simple, easy, and dependable.

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