Cpanel - intuitive management interface

Full management of the PBX in a friendly web-based cloud interface that available anywhere, anytime
Cpanel Interface
You're in control
Voicenter provides you with a simple and easy-to-operate management interface
Our management interface (Cpanel) is developed and maintained by user experience (UI/UX) experts and is updated with the understanding that ultimately customers prefer to make changes themselves with as few actions as possible along the way. With the click of a button, you can change settings, add or remove services, grant permissions, configure the call router, view real-time data and enjoy full transparency regarding the conduct of users of the organization's telephony system. Therefore, it is no wonder that one of the main reasons customers choose Voicenter, is a friendly and unique management interface that visually makes accessible a variety of unique features of a cloud PBX and the most advanced tools available in the world's communications market.

Voicenter's Cpanel interface use cases

Innovative user experience

When designing and building our management interface, we took into account the end user who is not always available near a computer station but must remain connected to the management of the business even outside the office. Our management interface was established with the aim of simplifying the data in front of your eyes so that it is adapted to work even from a mobile phone or tablet. That way, you don't have to be locked in the office to see your business performance or perform operations with a click on your advanced telephony system.
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Keep It Simple

The guiding principle of our management interface is to keep all things simple. Whether the manager, technical entity or anyone else is required to operate the system - our Cpanel will make sure you don't get in trouble. Every button you need is placed in exactly the right place and even if you get in trouble and you are not sure you can always stand with your mouse on the "Lifeline" icon and get all the information you need to perform the actions in the right way.
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Custom organizational hierarchy

Our management interface adapts itself to the organizational character whether talking in a flat organization or a hierarchical organization. If it is a flat organization, the solution is simple and if it is a hierarchical organization, we have simplified the management of the system for you. The Cpanel enables the definition of a hierarchical account tree where each account can view, edit, and configure its own account and the accounts under it in the hierarchy. Thus, the CEO, for example, can receive all the information he needs in the master account, and each of the department managers can receive what he needs to perform his work only in the account relevant to him.
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What you can do in Cpanel

The management interface (Cpanel) consolidates the ability to configure and edit the PBX features, viewing loads in real time and system reports. All of these are required for operating and managing a cloud PBX that  sounds like a difficult task, easily and efficiently.

These are the actions and settings that you can perform independently in the management interface no matter where you are:
1. Add and remove users and extensions.
2. Set the accounting hierarchy.
3. Permissions for users according to organizational need.
4. View call history including filtering and locating a call in the call breakdown by over 50 parameters and listening to call recordings.
5. Management of Queues - representatives (Login/ Logout to queue), queue settings, skills, weights and callback.
6. Set Automatic dialer campaigns.
7. Customized user status management and setting.
8. Manage cloud mobile users.
9. Set and Edit the IVR.
10. Monitor interface, real-time data and reports.
11. System recordings (for voicemail and IVR).
12. Opening a service inquiry ticket to the support department and the status of tickets.
13. Speed dials.
14. Voicemail to email.
15. Support Site.
16. Blacklist - Managing blocked destinations for outgoing calls.
17. Set up authorized contacts to perform actions on the account.
18. Financial interface that includes statistics and insights organized in reports and graphs, payment concentration card, call rates, payment history, including download of digitally signed invoices.
19. Managing IP addresses authorized to connect to a Voicenter cloud PBX.

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