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An advanced voice menu that allows your customers to go as far as possible in the shortest waiting time
The initial impression of the call center IVR is unparalleled.
Customers who want to contact you will come directly to the ivr - this is the face of your business
Voicenter's business IVR solution system ensures a seamless customer experience: simple call routing, pleasant jingles and informative messages during wait times, task completion without human help. It offers flexibility - you can integrate popular communication channels. For example, WhatsApp and other social networks will meet your customers' needs. Our advanced IVR, provides unmatched flexibility for your business telephony system. Its interface allows effortless configuration of the automated voice response system. It handles incoming calls by guiding callers. Setting up the IVR is easy with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. For any help, our team of professional consultants is available for free consultations.
The first impression of the business IVR is second to none

IVR Software Features & Use Cases

Unique Customer Experience

With Voicenter's IVR services, you have the power to customize your customer segment. Tailor the IVR to match the language spoken in the region from which you expect incoming calls. This way, you will create a sense of geographical proximity and language alignment. This personalized touch will make your customers feel more connected and understood. By setting up the virtual IVR you can provide high quality service to your customers, even during periods of high call volume. They will experience the assurance that someone is attending to their needs.
A unique customer experience

Uncompromising Availability

With IVR, you can stay accessible to your customers at all times - when you're unavailable or taking a break. Yet, in cloud-based business telephony, a stable internet connection is crucial. But what if there's an unexpected internet or power outage? Voicenter's advanced router IVR has you covered. It can detect inactive extensions and redirect calls to preconfigured numbers. Moreover, you have the flexibility to route calls to external numbers, even outside regular business hours. This ensures uninterrupted connectivity and customer support, regardless of unforeseen circumstances.
Uncompromising availability

Dynamic Services

Give your customers the freedom to choose their preferred service platform. Many customers nowadays prefer non-phone communication options. With Voicenter's IVR software, you can transfer calls to alternative platforms: WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook chat. Additionally, you can enable customers to receive service through a dedicated app. By offering these options, you can reduce the workload on your call center. Also, you will be able to cut the need for extra manpower.

dynamic services

How Does IVR Solution Works

Call center IVR is a valuable feature that enables a PBX system to handle incoming calls and guide callers. It works as a menu system, offering callers various options for different tasks. Callers can navigate through the personalized menu using their phone's voice or keypad. IVR system will transfer them to the right department or assist them in completing specific actions. Many businesses rely on IVR systems to provide customers with instant information.

IVR offers several capabilities, including:

1. Providing information such as business hours and relevant details.

2. Playing a welcoming jingle to prepare the customer for a response.

3. Directing calls to many departments or groups .

4. Referring to advanced call queues.

5. Redirecting calls when they remain unanswered for a specific waiting time.

6. Routing calls outside of regular business hours.

7. Handling calls when the requested extension is unavailable due to some issues.

8. Allowing customers to request a callback.

9. Supporting different audio files based on the caller's spoken language.

10. Enabling direct transfer to an extension by dialing within the IVR.

11. Referring calls to external platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, or social networks.

12. Sending SMS messages from the IVR.

13. Integrating with an external IVR system to route calls based on customer information in the organization's system.

14. Conducting surveys where callers respond using numbers on their keypad.

An advanced IVR is especially beneficial for companies with high call volumes. Why? It organizes incoming calls, prioritizes them, and redirects caller to the intended destination. IVR system categorizes and manages your customers. This is leading to cost savings, improved functionality, and enhanced customer service.

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