VoIP Gateway Connection For Hybrid Work Needs


 Our Phone Gateway Services

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Mobile cloud flexible business phone systems

Voicenter cloud PBX enables your business subscribers the features of an advanced PBX unifying mobile devices to support SMB & Enterprises communication needs effortlessly.

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Enable fully featured Call Center solution over your mobile network

Enjoy Voicenter holistic Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform and expand your offering to your business subscribers with a wide range of features flexibly adjusted to their organizational needs

 Voice Gateway Advantages

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User friendly Interfaces that gets everyone involved

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Highly adaptive to your business IT environment

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Future proof solution with ongoing Improvements

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Multilingual interfaces to support your language

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Immediate simple agent on-boarding

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Workforce optimization and analytics

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Built-in customized reports widgets and charts

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Improves Customer Experience

VoIP Gateway Use Cases

Hybrid office solutions

Seamlessly offer business subscribers to work from home or elsewhere without special requirements, just a simple cell phone to enjoy all call center`s features and automations.


Remote employee management

Real time and historical monitoring that empowers Contact Center managers to control their agents eliminating the challenge of remote management.


Retail and multi-location businesses

Reduce cost of network infrastructure and equipment, Improve communication and simplify geo distributed operations. Enjoy one-stop-shop solution with centralized management for all Business stores, branches, offices and locations.


Leading Services

IVR builder for business

Voicenter Advanced and dynamic IVR builder provides easily configurable settings such as schedules, announcements, customized menus, DTMFs and more. Present your subscribers with a tailored customer experience



Advanced Skill based routing to prioritize agents in the same queue by their skill, or automatic queue weight to prioritize the call between different queues taking maximum waiting time into consideration. The system offers automated callbacks to abandoned callers, exit options, music, announcements, and much more.
Provide managers the real-time visibility and tools to manage the daily routines and peak times.


Predictive Dialer

Calling cold leads without first calling the agent delays meaningful interaction and increases inefficiency. As such, agents may spend most of their shift time waiting for customers to answer. The increase in efficiency makes our award-winning auto-dialers a must-have for any call-center operation.


Productive Dialer

When calling new leads or existing customers, there is little room for mistakes. The answer rate is high, requiring agent readiness to avoid putting the customer on hold. With this type of dialer, the agent is called first, followed by the customer.


Workforce Optimization

Monitoring business workforce performance in real-time and historical statistics provides a must-have tool for operation optimization and business intelligence. 
Allow business managers to assess performance, generate departments insights and analyze costumer experience.


BI calls Reports and Statistics

Provide Enterprise team managers with BI tools to improve their business operations. We offer over 100 call statistics schedulable reports to effectively supervise marketing and service efforts, teams performance, training curve, shift metrics and many more much needed business operations crucial insights.

Provide the complete business picture in order to analyze trends and forecast future performance.