oSS Solutions by Voicenter

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Essential Operations Support Systems telecom platform that enables you a seamless management of your network.
VC-oSS is a multitenant and cloud first by design system. We assist you to future proof your network and business opportunities.

oSS Platform Features

Voice Interconnect

Simplify interconnection to other PSTN and SIP trunks.

  • Least Cost Routing Based on Quality - Assures operational profitability while maintaining peak service standards.
  • Efficient Cost Management - Automated, personalized updates on provider rates for precise handling of call termination tasks.
  • Gateway Facilitation - Streamlines the process of establishing, testing, and integrating new trunk setup into production.
  • Full Adherence to STIR / SHAKEN Standards.
  • Automated System for Mobile Number Portability - Enhances the simplicity of importing potential clients numbers into your system

Logs, Metrics, Traces

Built in logging mechanism to centrally audit and investigate all system events 
and metrics, providing your teams with easy to manage troubleshooting tools

  • Integrated Logging Mechanism - Offers a centralized audit and investigation of all system events and metrics, supplying your teams with user-friendly troubleshooting tools.
  • RTCP Capture and Analysis - Enables the proactive identification of network and audio performance by aggregating Mean Opinion Score (MOS) for individual calls, destinations, providers, and more.
  • SIP & IMS Signaling - Collected, consolidated, and stored for immediate or future examination.
  • Comprehensive Audit Logs - Detailed record of all user interactions and service activities within the system for extensive forensic investigation and additional audit requirements.


Real time monitoring of your network assets, services and infrastructure to proactively identify and notify abnormal behaviour by predefined thresholds

  • Live Network Monitoring - Constant observation of your network assets, services, and infrastructure to proactively pinpoint and alert regarding unusual behavior based on predetermined thresholds.
  • Voicenter Service Integration - Blend Voicenter tools with your current operator platform for monitoring using most commonly used protocols (SNMP, ICMP, HTTPS).
  • Severity-Based Anomaly Detection.
  • Tailored Notifications - Automated alerts for low-severity detections and automated operational responses for high-severity detections.


Centrally manage all system parts and microservices in a single place

  • Unified System Management - Control all system components and microservices from a single centralized location.
  • Effortless Component Provisioning - Easily set up new service components like accounts, users, DIDs, SIP trunks, hardware, vendors, IP Phones, and more.
  • Automated High Availability Design - Supports system redundancy and scalability to prevent operational chokepoints.
  • Resilient Distributed Architecture - No single point of failure, adding a layer of robustness to your services.

Benefits Of OSS Telecom Services

Operations Support Systems (OSS) are crucial tools in the telecommunications industry. These systems provide a range of benefits.

Operational Efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of our OSS tools is improved operational efficiency.Our Telecom OSS automates many routine tasks, freeing up staff to focus on more strategic issues. They also help manage network inventory, check performance, and troubleshoot network issues in real-time.


Enhanced Customer Service

With our OSS, telecom companies can identify and solve network issues. This leads to improved customer satisfaction. Also, it reduces the likelihood of customers switching to another provider.


Cost Savings

By improving efficiency and reducing network downtime, our OSS tools can lead to significant cost savings. They can  help your telecom company to make more informed decisions about your network upgrades.



Our OSS systems are scalable, making it easier for your telecom company to grow and adapt to changing market demands. You can support the addition of new services to your customers without extra effort.


Compliance and Reporting

Our OSS also aids in regulatory compliance and reporting. You can generate detailed reports on various operational aspects, which your  company can use for auditing, planning, and decision-making purposes.