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Unlock The Full Potential Of Zapier Integration in Telecom

Voicenter- Zapier Leading Integration Features


Secure your call recording in your own storage solution to guarantee full ownership permissions and control - on these sensitive assets, allowing you to audit and manage the access to the files exclusively.

Employees Experience

Play call recordings from your favorite CRM, business application, or our Cpanel interface - the same seamless experience - no matter whats the storage solution you select.


All call are encrypted with the highest industry standards limiting the possibility to decrypt and listen to the calls - by authorised personals only.

DLP Data Leankage prevention

We limit the ammount of each user's ability to play recordings, minimizing the risk of calls being leaked out by compromised credentials.

Integration Advantages

Supercharge your efficiency and streamline workflows effortlessly with our seamless Zapier integration.

Easy Configuration

Simplify integration with our user-friendly setup, ensuring a swift and smooth onboarding process tailored to your needs.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Efficiency

Implementing SSO across various tools, including CRM and automation platforms, enhances security and user experience. Employees can access multiple systems with a single set of credentials, reducing the risk of password-related security issues and saving time.

Enhanced Collaboration

Integration of storage and collaboration tools facilitates seamless sharing of documents and information among teams. This can improve collaboration between different departments, such as sales, marketing, and customer support.
Unleash the complete power of your customer engagements through smooth integrations linking Voicenter with the premier CRM, Zapier, to streamline your processes.

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