Dynamic IVR

An advanced voice menu that allows your customers to go as far as possible in the shortest waiting time
The first impression of the business IVR is second to none
Customers who want to contact you will come directly to the ivr - this is the face of your business
The simplicity of routing the call to the desired destination, the jingle and information they will hear while waiting, performing actions on the IVR without the need for human service, will all determine how your customers feel before, during and after the call. Voicenter's business IVR is flexible and allows you to respond to customers through additional communication channels such as WhatsApp, social networks and more. 
Advanced IVR or by its full name Interactive Voice Response System brings unparalleled flexibility to the business telephony system. The IVRr is a predefined automated voice response system in an easy-to-operate interface. The automatic response answers incoming calls and helps callers by forwarding them according to the choices on the IVR to the right department or representative and even help them complete simple tasks.
Setting up the IVR is done in a simple and easy way (drag & drop) with our IVR interface and if necessary you are always welcome to consult with our professional communications consultant free of charge.
The first impression of the business IVR is second to none

Feature Common use cases

A unique customer experience
Voicenter's business IVR enables full customization to your customer segment. Configure the IVR according to the language spoken in the destination from which you expect to receive calls and give the customer the feeling that you are in the same geographical place and mainly speak the same language. Effective setup of the virtual IVR will provide a solution even when many customers are calling at the same time and will give the customer the feeling that there is someone who takes care to give him quality service.
A unique customer experience
Uncompromising availability
The virtual IVR never sleeps and gets tired and allows you to be available to customers even when you are not available. As you know, business telephony activity in the cloud requires a stable connection to the Internet, but what happens when suddenly the Internet or electricity falls? Voicenter's advanced routerIVR can detect that the extensions are inactive and automatically references predefined numbers such as a call center, cell phones, etc. Beyond that, you can make the references to external numbers even outside of business hours.
Uncompromising availability
Dynamic services

Let customers decide which platform they want to be served on. We assume that if you ask your customers, quite a few of them will say that they prefer to receive service on a platform that does not require them to talk on the phone. From Voicenter's business IVR you can transfer the call to another platform such as, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook chat or even allow the customer to switch to receiving service in an app dedicated to you (in cooperation with Dial My App). This way, you can easily reduce the load on the call center and save the need for manpower.


How does the IVR works

The Cloud IVR is a feature that allows a cloud PBX to receive incoming calls and direct them to the relevant department or extension. The IVR functions as a telephone tree and provides callers with menu options for different departments and tasks or actions. The caller simply navigates himself through the personalized menu using the phone's voice and keyboard and the IVR system transfers them to the right department or helps them complete an action. Many businesses and organizations use IVR systems to give callers instant information about their specific company or account.
The IVR can be programmed to provide the following capabilities:
1. Information - hours of operation, details relevant to the caller.
2. Playing a jingle to "warm up" the customer in preparation for a response.
3. Direct a call to a department or group at the same time.
4. Reference to advanced queues.
5. Unanswered referral after a certain time of waiting.
6. Referral outside of business hours.
7. Referral when unavailability of the requested extension (Internet or electricity problem).
8. CallBack requests.
9. Set up different audio files depending on the spoken language.
10. Direct referral to the extension by dialing from within the IVR.
11. Referral to an external source such as WhatsApp, Telegram, social networks, etc.
12. Send SMS from the router.
13. External IVR routing the call in accordance with customer information in the organizational information system. 14. Conducting surveys in which the caller answers a questionnaire using numbers on his keyboard.
An advanced IVR is a key advantage for companies with high call volume as it sorts through incoming calls by an organization and prioritizes them. Instead of flooding your receptionist with calls, use IVR to direct each caller to their desired destination. Calls are efficiently categorized and handled by IVR to reduce costs, increase functionality, and improve customer service.

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